Dec 5, 2012


Boom! Just finished Book 3. The more I write these comics, the more I'm enjoying the endings. I wrote my outline for all the books a while ago, and I had an idea where each would begin and end. But, book 3 took up a lot more subject matter than the first two.

Each book gives just a little bit about the origin story of our characters. The overall origin story will have to be put into another book - maybe book zero. It's one of those things, where if I tell the origin story it might not ever live up to the readers imagination.

Anyways, I'm going to start book 4 this week, hopefully it'll be done in a few weeks. I talked to my artist a few days ago, and we're supposed to meet up soon. Maybe even add some character drawings to the blog.

Nov 29, 2012

Book 3

I'm busting this book up! I've been awake for only a few hours, since 8am, it's 10am now. I've written 4 pages already. It's mostly a big fight between Sergio and a new character introduced in this book.

Since I'm writing this I might as well give you some right info about this comic book - When I
started this book it was originally a screenplay and this is it's logline.

"A sheltered young man is enlisted into a war between two superior groups of humans, digital and analog, he is the key component to balance an uneven war."

That's all I'll write for now on the blog, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully.

Nov 25, 2012


My girlfriend and I moved the other day from West Hollywood to Silver Lake. While moving I found a bunch of old scripts and notes to several projects I wanted to write but never got around to, which made me upset with myself. I found Digital vs. Analog notes (originally called Analog vs. Digital) dated as far back as '08. Holy shit.

The story has changed a lot, but there's tons of additional content I can add to this blog now. An example, there was a draft were the digital were more like assassins killing off analogs for their past crimes. 

May 22, 2012


This Sunday I'm actually meeting with my artist. He had family come into town two weeks ago and we didn't get a chance to meet up and get work done.

I'm going to really challenge myself for the next few weeks. I'm going to change my writing/work schedule. Giving myself 1 hour per each activity. I find that I'm spending too much time on Reddit or Facebook, such a waste of time. I'm also going to try to write 5 to 10 pages a day, which is a lot. 

Another time waster that's come into my life is Diablo 3. WOW! That game is fun. Anyways, Today's been super busy and I haven't even started working on my project or worked out. It's almost 4pm. Errands are ruining my life. 

May 3, 2012

An update...

Sorry about the lack of blogs in the past few months. With work, class and video games, I've been very distracted but I was still putting in some time on the graphic novel.

I finished drawing my draft of book 1, it's mostly storyboards. Now I'm going to meet up with my artist Bryan in the upcoming weeks and talk about casting actors/models to find a look of the characters.

My tools. Wacom Intuos4, Copic markers. My drawing draft and script.
I'm going to try to update weekly. I'm currently half way through writing book 2.

So, please stay tuned. 

Oct 25, 2011

Book 8 and Evangelion 2.22

Finished book 8 this morning, hopefully this ends at book 12. A lot of inter turmoil with our hero.

Watched it.
Not much to report, I'm buying my wacom soon and once this outline is complete I'll be scripting the final version soon. Then photos and drawing the first draft with Bryan. Comic-Con San Diego is in July... holy shit.

Also did this last night, because I'm a nerd. Man, this series is so good. I'm really amped for 3.33.

Our bad 80's road trip movie!

The last few weeks have been crazy!

 On Oct. 1 my girlfriend and I flew to Buffalo, NY. I had several things in my parents basement, left there after college. One thing in particular was my MAME arcade machine. I've wanted to get that thing back since I moved to LA but shipping it was too costly. My girlfriend suggested we rent a truck and hull it back to LA and spend two weeks seeing the United States.

Our first full day in Buffalo, we made plans to go to Toronto, Canada. It was a rainy Sunday and our first stop was Niagara Falls, the Canadian side, because it has a better view. We continued to Toronto, were we had planned on going to the Ontario Science Museum, but turned out they closed at 5pm. We met up with my friend Alino, who I met in LA 5 years earlier. He gave us a fun tour of Toronto and bought us dinner, and filled me with "promises to come back to LA." We left Toronto and I decided to stop at Niagara Falls on the way back, because it's awesome to see lit up at night. 

Oct. 2 - 5
The next following days were spent cleaning and organizing my junk. It looked like an episode of Hoarders was being filmed in my parent's basement. On one of these days my parent's took us to Letchworth State park.

Thursday Oct. 6, heading to Pittsburgh. Our first day driving our 10' Budget rental, we drove 55Mph the entire way to Pittsburgh. A three hour trip that took 6 hours, we also made a few extra stops, one at Grove City Outlets for tax-free clothes. 
Pittsburgh was museum day, the Warhol and the Mattress Factory, I never visited either of these museum while I lived in Pittsburgh. The Warhol had an awesome comic book exhibit on Alex Ross.
Alex Ross at Warhol
The rest of the day we spent visiting friends, my old job and my college. 

Friday Oct. 7, Saw some of the best landscapes on our way to Asheville, NC. We got a private room at Bon Paul and Sharkys Hostel, it has a hot tub and is across the street from a place that sold Microbrew beer. We took a haunted tour of Asheville, which was fun. Better tours of asheville

Saturday Oct. 8, I needed coffee asap. We hit up Waking Life Espresso, which was the best coffee ever! Sorry Tim Horton's. Actually, I didn't even have a coffee I had quetzalcoatl's tears, which is a Mexican Mocha on crack! The best thing ever!
Heading to Atlanta, GA! We made plans to hang out and stay with my girlfriend's friend, Lindy. We had breakfast at Gato Bizco Cafe, I had the spicy breakfast. Our trip continued at World of Coca-Cola, after completing the tour and drinking all the free coke sodas from around the world. P.S. Don't drink the shit from Italy (BEVERLY), somebody should be shot from inventing that junk. 
We left Lindy to go visit my aunt Sonja and uncle John, I hadn't seen them in eleven years. They took us out to dinner at this great steak restaurant. It was great catching up with them. 
On our way back to Lindy's I stopped for gas, and I got a water out of the back of the truck for the girlfriend. When we pulled away from the gas station, she heard a loud slamming sound, twice. She asked me to pull over. I did. Turns out I didn't close the back door correctly, I lost my can of Tim Horton's coffee. Lucky that's the only thing we lost.

Sunday Oct 9. Heading to New Orleans. What a long drive!! We met up with my college roommate Brad. He gave us a tour of New Orleans. We stopped at cafe du monde and had coffee and beignets. We followed that up with a stroll around the area until we boarded steamboat natchez, where we had dinner and a boat tour of New Orleans. I mostly caught up with Brad. Our night ended with a walk down the famous Bourbon street. Which can be summed up with beer, bums, bros, boobs and the stench of piss and puke.

Monday Oct. 10 driving to Austin, TX wasn't as bad as everybody made it seem. I was mostly bummed because I didn't see any armadillos. The drivers of Houston are as bad as drivers in LA, but we made it to Austin safely. 
We stayed at this great little hotel, simply called, Austin motel, and it's neon sign looks like a dick and balls. They also have a cat in the lobby named Troy.
This is the night I found out my car, which I dropped off at the collision shop before the trip, was totaled. Bummer time. 
Not my photo, true story.
But the trip must go on. We quickly made our way into Austin, my girlfriend taking pictures along the way. We were on a tight schedule, the bats were coming out at 7:30-8pm, and we didn't want to miss it. We made it to the pink Capitol building and headed back to the bridge. By the time we made it there the bats were in flight. HOLY SHIT! Hundreds of Thousands of bats, and the smell of ammonia from bat shit. 

After the bat show we hit the sack. It was going to be the earliest day of the trip.

Tuesday Oct. 11. We had to be on the road at 4am! Our goal the Carlsbad Caverns, the last natural decent is at 2pm and we had a long drive ahead of us. We made it with plenty of time and the time zone change helped. We spend 3 hours in the caverns. Probably one of the best stops on the trip. 

After such a long drive and our 3 hour hike we wanted to get to our hotel. Trinity Hotel was our choice after reading all the awful reviews of the other local hotels. This place is nice, like really nice. They also have the #1 restaurant in Carlsbad and they served microbrew beer too. After dinner we were in bed by 9pm. 

Wednesday Oct. 12 Today was full of stops. Our first stop was at the Roswell Alien Museum it was a short hour visit, give yourself more time if you're going here, we didn't have the time. Next stop, Albuquerque, NM for another hour. I got to see my Batman loving friend James. We had lunch at Il Vicino, a pizza place that sold microbrew beer too. After rushing through lunch we stopped Olo Yogurt Studio, which is owned by a few friends of mine. It's the best yogurt place I've been too since Twirl in LA.

Next stop, Acoma Pueblo - Sky City. We made it onto the last tour of the day. If you ever go on a road trip make sure to stop here. The tour is an hour long and you learn so much. Plus, there are puppies. 

Our last stop, Gallup, NM. We were crashing with my friend Kelly and her boyfriend. They brew their own beer, this road trip was becoming James' microbrew tour. (It's was also called "James poops across America.)

Thursday Oct. 13, Our first stop was the four corners. I pooped there, I had too, four states at once. Then the long drive to the Grand Canyon. We spend several hours here. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and I can't truly describe the Grand Canyon in words. It's a place you need to visit. 

Another long drive - heading to Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Houston and Los Angeles have the worse drivers. FACT!
We stayed with my friend Rob. Tonight was a relaxing night, Rob ordered pizza and we hangout with his two cats and watched RED. 

Friday Oct 14. We made an impromptu change of plans to see the Hoover Dam. We learned that President Hoover was a racist, only letting whites and 10 blacks work on the dam. No asians, and if you were latin (didn't matter from where) he put you in a box car and sent you to Mexico. And that the door Chevy Chase sticks his head out of in Vegas Vacation is actually the ladies restroom door.

We made it back to LA around 9:30pm. Unloaded and I setup the arcade machine, unfortunately, I could it up and running that night. 

That about sums up all those missing days on the DVA blog. Now for some real DVA updates.

Sep 22, 2011

Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

Wow! I watched the original series back when I was in college and it was the reason I started watching more anime. Love or hate anime, that's where you'll find so many original stories.

This re-make(?); the story is basically the same as the original tv series, but everything looks clean and beautiful, plus it's condensed. The new CGI makes this film stand the test of time.

This movie has inspired me to really push the boundaries on Digital vs. Analog. For a while I was worried people would find DVA too far-fetched, but now I know I should push further.

If you have a blu-ray player, have or have not seen this series, or if you want to get into anime but don't know where to start. BUY THIS! Amazon: Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

After you've watched this, check out Cowboy Bebop. One of my favorites. Thanks [Geekologie]

More Digital vs. Analog coming soon. Hopefully some character images. 

Sep 13, 2011

It's all fun and games until...

…it becomes work. I’m getting further along in this last re-write/conversion of the script to graphic novel. I’m retooling the script so each issue will end with a bang or surprise to keep you guys reading. Well, back to final draft.